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Are you looking for a great personal start page or personal home page?

Then you need to start with

HomePagey.com !

Your Igoogle alternative!
Drag and Drop interface.
Customizable side menu for all your favorite websites.
Check your Email.
Private virtual Pin Board.
Feed Me page for your rss feeds and widgets.
Event calendar.
Use as a personal information manager.
Stay up to date with software and techniques for secure and safe web browsing.
Nice clean look on your pc or mobile device.
We are a unsocial network, everything on our site is only available to you.
No advertisements and we will show you how to block ads from external sites.
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What is a Personal Start Page and why would I want one?
The idea of a personal start page or sometimes called a personal home page is to bring all the content you view daily on your computer to this page. This is typically set as your home page or sometimes called index page when you first open your web browser.
Personal or personalized means you can customize your start page to you own personal preferences with the content that is best suited for your needs. They consist of rss feeds and widgets or gadgets which are mini web applications. The rss feeds give you the ability to see the latest posts from your favorite websites. Widgets give you the ability to run apps like weather, check email or view calendars on your page.
The basic idea is to give the user the convenience and save time for better web browsing. The trouble is the design is often based on what is good for the website. For example try to do a Google search in MyYahoo!
Why have a custom start page when I can use bookmarks and shortcuts on my P.C. plus I have downloaded apps I use on my smart phone?
What if you loose your cell or if your lap top or P.C. quits working.
What if you buy new ones.
Instead of setting those up AGAIN just go on line and your back in business plus you can access your content from any device if needed.
Igoogle and MyYahoo are two of the most popular. Google announced that they will be retiring iGoogle on November 1, 2013 as part of their summer spring cleaning efforts.

Homepagey is easy to use, easy to customize and has a nice clean look.